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Buy a car
Choice of City or Vios

Question : I AM planning to buy a car and there are two options.

The first is the Honda City while the second option is the Toyota Vios

Can you give me a piece of advice on choosing a better option ?

I have a few aspects to worry about :

a) better resell value;

b) maintenance and its costs;

c) comfort during drive;

d) fuel efficiency:

e) value for money; and

f) reliability

Answer :

a) Both have good resale value; it all boils down to how well you take care of it, the mileage and market demand.

b) Labour wise, Honda somehow will cost a bit more. In terms of general parts, it's about the same.

c) Of the two, I would say the City has the upperhand. It's a bit more uprated on the design and engineering of cars in the same class as it is newer and Honda wanted to make big improvements in place of the previous variant while Toyota decided to keep it simple and not fix what was not broken. At least on the engineering side, I prefer the first generations looks.

d) It's hard to say but it should be about the same as the difference will be marginal. But I heard there are some plans for a fuel challenge, keep tuning in for that.

e) While the City has only tow variants at about RM83,000 and RM88,000, the Vios is packaged to be more flexible from the low RM72000 to RM92,000. Again, if you look at what you are getting for the prices stated, I would say it fits the bill.

f) Somehow for this, I have to root for the Vios. Its simplicity means it's easier to maintain and less things to go wrong. Plus most of the hardware like engine and gearbox remains almost the same from the first generation and whatever problems have been weeded out a long time ago.

I hope you can take some time to test drive both cars to see which you really like. I personally would buy a car that I like without looking at the resale value as I buy cars for myself and my type of usage, not for someone else.

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